Support Belvoir

A very significant 17% of Belvoir’s income is generated by philanthropic giving and sponsorship.

Our Upstairs Theatre seats 320 people and our Downstairs Theatre seats 83. We are determined to keep our ticket prices low so our box office income is supplemented by this vital 17% that allows us to facilitate our community programs, to support emerging artists and to create innovative new works. Belvoir thanks all of our sponsors, donors and supporters who contribute to what we do in so many wonderful ways.

Giving to Belvoir

Belvoir patrons, supporters and friends have been there right behind us.

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The true cost of your seat

Did you know that the price you pay for your ticket covers only 35% of the true cost of your seat? With your support we can continue to create the kind of theatre that you love and that has inspired audiences across the world. Your donations are tax deductible and your extra support makes a huge difference. Donate here.


Belvoir’s partners are a huge factor in our success. Our corporate partners provide us with generous financial and organisational support. Partnership with Belvoir offers the opportunity to be closely associated with a theatre company known for its integrity and artistic excellence. Belvoir offers our sponsors brand and marketing alignment, unique benefits tailored towards enhancing client relationships and staff engagement.

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