Good theatre makes you feel. It can also make you think. Sometimes you’re left thinking about it well after you’ve left the theatre. You want to know more; about the play, its ideas, its history or how it came about.

If so then our Sunday Forums are for you.

We hold a forum for each of our Upstairs performances. Each is different and tackles a specific aspect of the production. One might take a look at the broader social context of a play. Another might focus on how a show was created. After the forum you have a chance to ask questions of the panellists, meet your fellow audience members and continue the discussion informally with us in the foyer.

Sunday Forums are free. While you don’t need to, it’s best to see the show before you come because we’re bound to spoil the ending! Check our website or call Box Office to find out who will appear on each panel and what the topic of discussion will be.

See you there!

Although tickets are free, bookings are essential and are open well before each forum.

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Elektra / Orestes 3pm, 26 April

Domestic Violence and the role of the Artist. What do we do?
With domestic violence at the focus of national, social and political discussions and debates, where does the artist plug in? What is their duty and how should they respond? Global themes and issues have often dominated the theatrical landscape but when it comes to the personal and domestic how do we make a statement that matters? The original context for the Greek plays allowed discussion around the social and political debates of the time. Those plays actively shaped that society. Is that still possible, or are we only really interested in art for its entertainment value?

Journalist and presenter Annabel Crabb will host a discussion with Indigenous playwright Jada Alberts, director and playwright Anne-Louise Sarks and feminist and academic Eva Cox to investigate where the art matters and what it means to put family violence on the stage.

Information regarding each forum will be posted here as we confirm the topic of discussion and the panellists. So check back here regularly.

The Wizard of Oz 3pm, 31 May
Mother Courage and Her Children 3pm, 26 July
Seventeen 3pm, 13 September
Ivanov 3pm, 1 November
Mortido 3pm, 20 December