It’s not just about seeing the shows – there’s a conversation to be had as well.

Sometimes the most fascinating part of a theatre-going experience is delving into not just what it’s about, but how it’s being done. At Belvoir’s Sunday Forums we bring artists and audiences together to peel back the surface and see what’s really going on in our plays. We’ll chew over the social, the political and the familial. We’ll discuss the play, the production – and the glorious space between the two. Serious one month, feisty the next – but always intriguing and you’re always invited.

We hold a forum for each of our Upstairs performances. The panellists are made up of both theatre artists and invited guests; you can check our website in advance for a run-down of who will be on and the topic of conversation. You’ll have the chance to ask questions, meet your fellow audience members and continue the discussion informally with us in the bar afterwards.

Sunday Forums are FREE but we’d like you to book so we can save you a spot. Book online on the link below or call the Box Office. Tweet while you listen (or follow online) using #sundayforum

In 2017, our Sunday Forum will be replaced with Belvoir Briefings.  


Faith Healer 3pm, 27 November

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